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McDonalds Facts

  1. McDonalds' Caesar salad is more fattening than their hamburger.
  2. McDonald's is the world's largest distributor of toys.
  3. McDonald's makes about US$75 million per day.
  4. It takes the average McDonald's employee 7 months to earn what a CEO makes in an hour.
  5. Over 80,000 people graduated from McDonald's Hamburger University with a bachelor's degree in hamburgerology. 
  6. You would have to walk for seven hours straight to burn off a Big Mac with a Super Sized Coke and French Fries. 
  7. To earn enough to buy a Big Mac, the average person in India has to work almost 6 hours. 
  8. People who cannot afford to live in a house in Hong Kong and Japan take advantage of McDonalds' "doors are always open" policy and live in their restaurants. They are known as "McRefugees." 
  9. Bill Gates has a McDonald's Gold Card for unlimited free fast food. 
  10. In France, Germany, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands they serve beer in McDonald's. 
  11. When the first McDonald's drive-through in Kuwait opened, the queue was seven miles long. 
  12. McDonald's has 37800 restaurants all over the world and every 5 hours a new McDonald's restaurant opens. 
  13. People recognize McDonald's M Logo more people than the Church's + mark. 
  14. Hong Kong's McDonald's Outlet are the most Busy in the world, people even book McDonald's for weddings. 
  15. The world's smallest McDonald's outlet is in Tokyo. 
  16.  The world's largest McDonald's outlet is in China's Beijing city.
  17. McDonald's is completely ban in these 10 countries Ghana North Korea, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Bermuda, Iceland, Yemen, Macedonia, Montenegro. 
  18. In just 1 second worldwide, McDonald's sold 80 Burger, 50 Kg of French Fries and 35 Cup of Coffee. 
  19. 1% of all the potatoes grown worldwide are used in McDonald's.

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