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Top 15 Amazing Facts About Women

Top 15 Amazing Facts about Girls. It is said that it is impossible to understand women, to date God has failed to understand women, so what we will understand. 

So today we are going to give you information about some of the interesting facts about women which you have never heard before. 

Today's Our Article Girls Facts is about interesting facts about Women. Hope you like!

Fact 15: Indian women are considered the most beautiful in the world!

Fact 14: Women flutter more than men!

Fact 13: According to study it is proven that women can take out their entire day in front of a mirror.

Fact 12: 2 out of every 100 women in the world have an extra breast, which is their third breast!

Fact 11: Women like to kiss even after sex!

Fact 10: More than 40% of American women get pregnant before marriage!

Fact 9: Girls like dirty talks then men!

Fact 8: Women spend 1 year of their life thinking, what they have to wear!

Fact 7: In the whole world, 80 out of every 100 women wear wrong bra size!

Fact 6: Women likes to eat more chocolate than sex!

Fact 5: Study of statistics shows that women spend 10 years of their life in the kitchen!

Fact 4: Normally women use around 3 kg of lipstick during their lifetime.

Fact 3: Women's smelling power is more than men!

Fact 2: The most blackmail victim in the world is men by Women who make anything of their sayings!

Fact 1: Most of the women become greedy after 22+ years of age!
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