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Health Facts

  1. People who regularly eat dinner or breakfast in restaurants double their risk of becoming obese.
  2. Farting helps reduce high blood pressure and is good for your health.
  3. Laughing 100 times is equivalent to 15 minutes of exercise on a stationary bicycle.
  4. Over 30% of cancer could be prevented by avoiding tobacco and alcohol, having a healthy diet and physical activity.
  5. Sleeping less than 7 hours each night reduces your life expectancy.
  6. McDonalds' Caesar salad is more fattening than their hamburger.
  7. On average, people who complain live longer. Releasing the tension increases immunity and boosts their health.
  8. The U.S. spends more money per person on healthcare than any other developed country, yet its life expectancy is below average.
  9. Bill Gates' Foundation spends more on global health each year than the World Health Organization of the United Nations.
  10. 8.5% of adults worldwide currently have diabetes. That's almost twice as much as it was in 1980.
  11. People who read books live an average of almost 2 years longer than those who do not read at all, a Yale research found.
  12. Road traffic accidents kill more people around the world than malaria.
  13. You can burn 20% more fat by exercising in the morning on an empty stomach.
  14. 80% of people living in rural areas in developing countries rely on traditional plant-based medicines for basic healthcare.
  15. Violent dreams may be an early sign of brain disorders down the line, including Parkinson's disease and dementia.
  16. Six-pack abs indicate nothing about your strength, your flexibility, your stamina, your speed, or your overall level of health.
  17. A study found that right-handed individuals have better oral hygiene and the lower incidence of caries because of their better manual dexterity and brush efficiency.
  18. The common cold is caused by over 200 different viruses.
  19. Excess Body Fat Causes Type 2 Diabetes in 77% of Women and 64% of Men.
  20. 93 Million Americans are Affected by Obesity.
  21. The Extra Weight Of Obesity Costs Airlines $275 Million Per Year.
  22. 1 in 5 American Teenagers are Obese.
  23. Excess Body Fat Causes Type 2 Diabetes in 77% of Women and 64% of Men.
  24. The Mother’s Egg is the Source of Down Syndrome in 90% of Cases
  25. 50% of Children Born With Down Syndrome Have a Heart Defect.

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