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15 interesting facts about boobs

Every information in our life is useful to us. No one can say when the information comes in handy. This article will give you 15 interesting facts and information related to women's breasts. Breast Facts from which you will learn a lot new

15 amazing interesting facts and information related to women's breasts. 

Fact 1: Often right boobs of women are smaller than Left Boobs.

Fact 2: About 6% of women in the world have 3 breasts.

Fact 3: More than 80% of women around the world wear bra of the wrong size.

Fact 4: Feeding the baby is protected mothers from cancer and heart-related diseases.

Fact 5: More than 70% of women worldwide are not happy with the size of their Boobs.

Fact 6: The shape of the boobs can change if Women sleep on the stomach.

Fact 7: The world's largest natural breast is female named Annie Hawkins, whose breasts weigh 50 kg.

Fact 8: Normal women's breasts weight is about 500 grams.

Fact 9: 90% of the world's women get stimulated only by a nipple.

Fact 10: Women's chest size varies every 7 days.

Fact 11: America's women have the highest breast surgery in the world.

Fact 12: After almost every 3 minutes in America, a woman dies from Breast Cancer.

Fact 13: In China, you can study on Bra and get the Degree in Bra from the University. 

Fact 14: The hormones that causes the pregnancy of the woman darkens the nipples.

Fact 15: According to the study removing the Bra is the best felling for any female.
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